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Westmoreland Community Federal Credit Union:
Now with over 5,031 Branches Nationwide!

If you’re a member who travels or does not live near the credit union offices, you’ll be pleased to know that you have access to your credit union account at over 5,031 credit union offices nationwide that “share” transaction services through the CU Service Center Network. That’s right. Sharing. It’s a concept you don’t hear much about from banks. While they’re busy merging into larger and larger corporations, we’re focused on providing you with convenient, personalized service that only credit unions can deliver. Using the CU Service Center Network provides you with the same high quality personal service you’ve come to expect from your credit union, whether the office is across town or across country. Not an ATM, but a fully-staffed office where you can conduct your credit union business with real people.

To find a location near you or where you will be traveling, visit their online directory at www.co-opsharedbranch.org or call 1-800-919-2872. When visiting a shared service branch, simply provide the teller with the full name of your credit union – Westmoreland Community FCU, account number and photo ID. The CU Service Center’s member service representative will be linked automatically to your account here at Westmoreland Community Federal Credit Union and you can conduct as many deposits, withdrawals, transfers, or loan payment transactions as you like. It’s that easy!

The CU Service Center network is perfect when you're traveling on business or vacation. And if you are relocating, there is no need to leave your credit union. Whether you're retiring or taking a new job, we'll be there for you – through the CU Service Center Network!

Shared Branching is available through the Credit Union Service Center network. Shared Branching means more convenience for you!

As a credit union member, you can use Credit Union Service Centers to conduct financial transactions when you are unable to come to our main office or branches.

The following Q&A topics will answer your questions about how this service works.

Q: What is a Credit Union Service Center?
A Credit Union Service Center is any credit union that conducts transactions for members in the Shared Branching network. These members may perform transactions at any branch in the Shared Branching network, whether it is their "home" credit union or not.

Q: Why do credit unions in the network “share” their facilities?
Shared facilities are the most cost-efficient way to provide you with not only more convenience, but personal service as well. By sharing facilities, credit unions can share the costs of operating the Service Center, remain independent and still extend person-to-person service to members who are away from their home credit union.

Q: Is the Credit Union Service Center a branch of my credit union?
No, but at Credit Union Service Centers you can conduct most of the financial transactions you ordinarily would at your home credit union's main office and branches. No matter where the Credit Union Service Center is located, you can access your credit union account because of the data processing “switch” built into the Credit Union Service Centers System. This technology makes your home credit union even more accessible, even when you’re far from a branch. Credit Union Service Centers are the “Member Friendly Financial Network.”

Q: As far as transactions go, what can I do at a Credit Union Service Center?
At Credit Union Service Centers, you can make deposits, withdrawals, balance inquiries, transfers and loan payments. You can also cash checks and purchase money orders and travelers' checks at some locations.

You cannot do the following at Credit Union Service Centers:
   1. Join the credit union.
   2. Correct errors on your account.
   3. Make any changes to your account.

Q: How do I use the Credit Union Service Center?
Each Credit Union Service Center Representative can help you access your credit union account. Simply provide the Representative with your credit union's name as well as your account number and a valid photo ID. Then you can conduct as many deposits, withdrawals, transfers or loan payments as you like. It’s that easy.

Q: Are Credit Union Service Centers open during convenient hours?
Credit Union Service Center hours may vary depending on the credit union. Please contact the location for more information.

Q: Must I pay a transaction fee for using the Credit Union Service Center?
No, as a member of Westmoreland Community FCU, you do not pay for transactions made through the tellers at the Credit Union Service Centers.

Q: How do I find out if there is a Credit Union Service Center near me or near my travel destination?
A complete listing of Credit Union Service Center locations is available at www.co-opsharedbranch.org. Simply click on a state to bring up a listing of locations for the area. You can also click on the "directions" link if you need help finding the Service Center.